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Compliance & Coding

MR-PM maintains a comprehensive Billing Compliance Plan to satisfy federal and state laws and regulations. We conduct periodic reviews of our Compliance Plan to help revise it if necessary to assure that it contains all the security steps necessary to offer the most protection to billing compliance. Our Billing Compliance program is managed by full-time staff.

HIPAA requires that you must have a Business Associate Agreement with all business partners that you contract with or use to provide certain services, for example, accounting, billing and legal services. We can review your relationships and provide Business Associates Agreements as needed.

MR-PM will offer annual compliance audits of your practice as well. Areas that we will review for compliance may include the following if applicable:

  • Appropriate documentation of meeting the CMS seven steps
  • Medical direction or supervision
  • Coding review
  • Base unit & modifier accuracy
  • Documentation of appropriate handing off of services
  • Concurrency
  • Medical necessity for MAC
  • Assessment of PQRS measures
  • Monitoring Time - includes rounding documentation
  • Compliance with Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) bundling edits

We will work with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to investigate and resolve security complaints.

MR-PM has our own certified, credentialed Coding Department experienced in all aspects of the coding process. Our staff maintains certifications in Certified professional coder (CPC) as well as Advanced Coding Specialist (ACS-AN) in Anesthesia.

Coding and billing correctly is mandatory; our coding department possesses the skills and experience to ensure the proper coding for anesthesia and pain management services performed.